Friday, April 8, 2011

New Release: "The Realignment Series: Part I, II and III"

The Realignment Series:

This release is, thus far, the sum of my most concentrated efforts with regards to work done with folding drone music. On a first listen I would not suggest listening to the entire series all at once, one or two tracks at a time are recommended. Please refer to my earlier post for further suggestions on how to listen to this music.

Part I


01 - Insoudolace (sample) by Sister Waize

02 - No Mar (sample) by Sister Waize

03 - I Place My Hands Across Your Chest (sample) by Sister Waize

Part II


01 - Goaj Tohtanoe (samples) by Sister Waize

02 - Obsessed With A Future Dream (samples) by Sister Waize

Part III


01 - Never Ending Rock by Sister Waize

02 - Two Deserts Twin Visions by Sister Waize

Get it in FLAC here: I, II, and III.

Get it in WAV here: I, II, and III.

Get it in MP3 here: I, II, and III.

1 comment:

  1. this series is amazing. you are right about the effects of this music. mindblowing trippy visuals that is. btw i found it on dr schluss' blog.