Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Announcement For A Year Old Release: NIGHTMARE FANTASIA

On March 19th of last year I released the album Nightmare Fantasia through a whirlwind of cryptic social media strategies, never once referencing the name of the release or Sister Waize as the artist. Most of my efforts were with a side-project youtube channel and instagram account both donned with the name 'Lods Marbage'. You can find the youtube channel HERE and the instagram account HERE. The general idea was to make intriguing, ambiguous, and mysterious bits of art that seemed incomplete, that seemed like they were part of something larger, that read like a means rather than an end.

Here is a video from the Lods Marbage channel, for the curious:

The thematic value of this album rests largely on feelings of desperation, dissolution, confusion, aloneness, and a sort of coming to terms with lunacy. The video and imagery associated with the Lods Marbage alias are meant to act as both an introduction and a supplementation to this release. You can find Nightmare Fantasia HERE for a free download or toss me a meager $5 for a pressed CD hard copy.

Feel free to stream the album right here:


Friday, June 5, 2015

Physical copies of select albums of mine are now available via MY BANDCAMP.  They are all $5 each plus $3 for shipping.  All of my music remains free online, as it always will.  T-shirts are next up, and I'll be posting about them soon.  Here's what the CD's look like:


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sister Waize bandcamp is back online

I am working through my back catalog to highlight past albums I feel deserve special attention.  Select picks from over the years will be refreshed and revitalized... in some cases that might mean new album art, in others I will actually be going back and re-mixing and re-mastering albums (especially anything from the 'romantic bitpop' era) for a sort of re-release.  I plan to have every album revisited in this way pressed to CD and available for sale as soon as humanly possible.  I will also be hand screen-printing Sister Waize t-shirts which will also be available soon.  

This all requires a considerable amount of money, of which my income-less supply is dwindling.  Although all of my music is, and always will be available totally free of charge, I have included a donation option for all of the albums currently up on my bandcamp.  If you find my art worthwhile, and are able to spare a few bucks, it would really mean the world to me.  You would be directly supporting an eternally grateful and committed artist in a very real way, and every penny received will be funneled right back into my art, since this is really all I live for.  

If there is a specific album you would like to see as a physical CD send an email to:

Much love to anyone reading this,

Friday, March 27, 2015

Merchandise on the way real soon.

I will have cds and tshirts available for purchase in the very near future.  Possibly other stuff.  They will be as cheap as I can possibly sell them for.  All of my music will remain free online.

If you want to know when things are set up send an email to

Much love,

PS I have an album almost ready for release that I have worked on nonstop for two years.  Almost drove myself crazy and ended up with a deeply deranged 40-some-odd minutes of electronic music.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New release: "Swollen Door"

This latest release of mine is not folding drone, it's sort of like dreamy IDM. There will be more folding drone in the future, just not now.

Released April 8th, 2013.
Swollen Door:

Get it HERE.