Folding Drone is the name I've given a special type of ambient music that can produce psychedelic and meditative-like effects for listeners within the proper set and setting. I have detailed what I find to be the best way to achieve said effects at length in my post, "Suggested Instructions For Listening to Folding Drone Music" which can be found here:

Physical copies for a recent re-release of A Dawning of Wonder are now available on my bandcamp, HERE with more to follow.  If there is any album you'd like to see pressed and available leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.
Perennial Suicide (2012)
A Dawning Of Wonder (2011)
The Realignment Series: Part I (2011)
The Realignment Series: Part II (2011)
The Realignment Series: Part III (2011)
Stone Torn Fall (2010)
Subvocal Stirpiculture (2010)


  1. I want to make you know that I still look forward to your next folding drone release. I enjoy them very much.

  2. I downloaded and have been listening to part 1 of the realignment series for the last 4 years. I really like your music and want to possibly collaborate with you on some music in the future.

    1. Glad to hear TRS has a good shelf life! Really, it means more than you could know for me to hear that my music has been so worthwhile for you for so long. I am always interested in collaboration... if you have something in mind drop me a line at . My life was turned upside down recently and I don't have much time to commit to other projects but this should pass soon enough. I promise I'll respond as soon as I can. Take care friend.